Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Proposal Story

Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

Toward the end of a particularly long day of work, I grabbed my cell phone, and sent a text to Joe:

What would you like for dinner?

His response was that we go out for dinner, which I of course agreed to because that meant I didn't have to cook.  This was exciting in and of itself, but then he sent me another text:

If you dress up we will go somewhere fancy.

I got even more excited about this one.  I think I might have even let out a little squeal while at work - I'm not sure.  I've been squealing a lot lately.  I love getting dressed up, though, so he definitely didn't need to tell me twice to do it.

Last picture before I got engaged!

So, the second I got done with work, I hurried out to go home and get ready for our date!  I primped almost right up until he got home, but in a house with only one window air conditioner in our bedroom, I did spend a few minutes in there, trying to convince my makeup not to melt off my face.

We left for Bemidji pretty much as soon as he got home, taking the fancy car: his black 330Ci BMW.  I love that car.  It just feels so cool to ride in.  We had dinner at Mi Rancho, which is a huge Mexican restaurant there, and while it's maybe not what you would call fancy, it was still definitely a treat.

After dinner - which I couldn't finish because I found it too greasy for some reason - Joe suggested that we go for a walk around Lake Bemidji.  Sadly, it started raining, so we ended up going home, and while I was thinking we'd just chill in our house and watch a movie, the night was really just starting.

My flowers!

Right before the driveway to our house, Joe spotted a little patch of wildflowers, and suggested I hop out and pick some.  I laughed at him, but he was rather insistent about the flowers.  He actually jumped out himself and got some for me!  They're currently up in the guest bedroom that is essentially my closet!

We got home, and Joe suggested that we go walk down to the lake by our house, but I had to slip into the house first, so I could put the flowers in water, and put on some flats - I certainly wasn't going to be walking in sand in the heels I wore to dinner!  He just kind of stayed in the car for a little while, which I thought was odd, but didn't think too much of it.

I'll never look at these chairs the same again

By the time we got down to the beach, it was already dusk.  The sun had gone down, but you could still see very well.  We walked out on the dock, and watched the remaining boats on the lake coming in, then Joe suggested that we go sit in a couple lounge chairs nearby.  I started to lounge back on mine, but then he said he only wanted to sit on the edge of the chair.  So, I did the same.

We talked for a little bit, and then he asked me what I wanted to do next.  I probably said something about wanting to go back home and watch a movie - can you tell I'm a homebody?  And then he said something I'll never forget:

"You know what I want to do?  I want to marry you."

He proposed on a beach!

That was when he got down on one knee, and proposed!  The ring box was white, and it lit up, making the ring sparkle so prettily, and I'm not really sure what happened next!  I think I said yes, but if I didn't, I certainly made my answer clear enough where the ring is now on my finger, and I'm not taking it off anytime soon!  Well, maybe just for a little while when I get it resized - it's a little big, but still oh so perfect. :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, this story is perfect!! Congratulations to both of you!! :D